Jian-Xin Xu

Professor, IEEE Fellow

Doctor of Engineering, University of Tokyo; 1989
MEng, University of Tokyo; 1986
BEng, Zhejiang University; 1982

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Professional Working Experience

	Research Engineer, Hitachi Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Japan 1989-1990
	Visiting Scholar, Department of Electrical Engineering, Ohio State University, USA, 1990-1991	
	Visiting Reserch Fellow, Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University, USA, 2003	

Professional Activities

	Technical Committee on Variable Structure Systems, IEEE Control Systems Society
	Technical Committee on Smart Grid, IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
	Technical Committee on Intelligent Systems, IEEE Control Systems Society

Research Interest


	Learning System Control Theory
	System Biology and Bio-engineering

Research Projects

I have completed 24 funded research projects.

Selected Publications

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- 10 Selected Papers in System Biology and Bio-engineering -
1.	D.H. He, and J.X. Xu, "A mathematical model of pancreatic cancer with two kinds of treatments," Journal of Biological Systems, Vol.24, 2016, 
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- 10 Selected Papers in Robotics -
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Research Students Supervised

PhD: 31
Master: 21
Research Associates: 15