Ganesh Shankar Samudra

Associate Professor

PhD, Purdue University; 1985
MSEE (Electrical Engineering) Purdue University; 1985
MSc (Physics) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai; 1976

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Professional Working Experience

From 1985-1989, I was Member Group Technical Staff (MGTS) and 
Section Manager	Texas Instruments Inc in the area of semiconductor 
process and device simulation.

Visiting Professor at MIT in 2001 working on inverse modeling to 
predict doping profiles in devices.

Professional Activities

Simulation and modeling subcommittee chairman of premier IEEE conference International 
Electron Device Meeting (IEDM 2010). 
Active in IEEE chapters and conferences.		

Research Interest

Design, Simulation and fabrication of semiconductor devices. Using 
simulators, one can functionality of new and novel devices which 
then can be fabricated with reasonable success. He is a co-recipient of the IEEE 
Electron Devices Society's 2008 Paul Rappaport Award. 

Engaged in collaborative research on

Predicting scaling trends and fundamental limitations on device 
performance using existing and newly developed programs and 

Modeling and characterization for RF and nanowire devices.

Addressing losses in power semiconductor devices using novel device 
structures such as oxide bypass Vertical Double-diffused MOS (VDMOS) 
and Lateral DMOS as well as poly flanked LDMOS.

Strained silicon devices to enhance performance of ultrashort 
channel length devices.

Novel MOS devices that exhibit very fast turn-on and turn-off with 
subthreshold swing lower than 60mV/dec 

Innovative methods to characterize, model and reduce parasitic 
series resistance in S/D regions of MOSFETs that limits overall 
performance at short channel lengths.


Research Projects

Design and Fabrication of Transistor with Improved Subthreshold 
Source: ASTAR SERC, Duration: 3 years 2006-2009, Amount : S$827,263, 
Co-Principal Investigator, PI - Prof. YC Yeo

Source: IME-JML, Duration: 3 years 2004-2007, Amount : S$126,000
Principal Investigator

Physical Modeling and Simulation of Nano-Scale Electronic Device 
Source: ASTAR SERC, Duration: 3 years 2004-2007, Amount : $ 602,990 
Principal Investigator

Patents Granted

Liang*, Y C, X Yang, G S Samudra and K P Gan, "Power MOSFET having 
enhanced breakdown voltage".  United States, 2005.  (US Patent No. 
6,853,033 B2).

Samudra*, G S, RAJENDRAN Krishnasamy, C K Lau and M S Zhou, "Process 
to achieve uniform groove depth in a silicon substrate".  United 
States: patent no. 6,284,606, 2001.

Selected Publications

A total of 80 Journal and 103 conference publications.

MA, F J, S Rustagi, G S Samudra, H Zhao, N Singh, G Lo and D Kwong, "Modeling of Stress 
Retarded Thermal Oxidation of Nonplanar Silicon Structures for Realization of Nanoscale 
Devices".  IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS,  31, no. 7  (2010): 719 721.  

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Using the CBCM Technique".  IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS,  30, no. 5, pp. 526-528 (2009)

Zhao, H, S Rustagi, F MA, G S Samudra, N Singh, GQ Lo and DL Kwong, "Charge Based 
Capacitance Measurement Technique for Nanoscale, Devices: Accuracy Assessment Based on 
TCAD Simulations".  IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES,  56, no. 5  (2009): 1157 

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Madan, A, G S Samudra and Y C Yeo, "Strain optimization in ultrathin body transistors 
with silicon germanium source and drain stressors".  JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS,  104, 
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metal oxide semiconductor transistor performance".  SEMICONDUCTOR SCIENCE AND 
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ZHU, L. Chan, N. Balasubramanian, G S Samudra and Y C Yeo, "Selenium co implantation and 
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Research Students Supervised

M: Main Supervisor, C: Co supervisor, S: Sole supervisor
Koh Shao Ming [M: Yeo Yee Chia], Strained MOSFETs using solid phase 
epitaxy and other strain inducing methods. M.Eng.

Chen Yu (C) [M: Liang Yung C], Superjunction power devices. Oxide 
bypass and poly flanked lateral power MOSFETs. Ph. D.
Chui King Jien (M) [C: Yeo Yee Chia] Performance enhancement of 
MOSFETs. Source Drain on depletion and Ge condensed strained 
MOSFETs.  Ph. D.	2007

Singh Ravinder Pal (C) [M: Ashwin M. Khambadkone] [C: Liang Yung C] 
Powering of future microprocessors. Novel circuits. Ph. D.

Toh Eng Huat (C) [M: Yeo Yee Chia] Novel IMOS (Impact Ionization 
MOS). Devices with subthreshold swing below 60mV/Dec for sharp turn 
off and turn on. Ph. D.
Wei Guannan (C) [M: Liang Yung C] SiC based high breakdown voltage 
devices.	M.Eng.	

Wong Hoong Shing (C) [M: Yeo Yee Chia]	Shallow junctions in 
MOSFETs. Antimony segregation and insito doping methods. Ph. D.

Zhao Hui (M) [C: Subhash Rustagi in IME] Simulation of FinFET for RF 
and scaling. Simulation of scaling with 3D simulations & nanowire 
device fabrication and characterization. Ph. D.

Sreedharan S P (S) Optimization of groove gate MOSFET.	Ph. D.	2004

Gan Kian Paau (C) [M: Liang Yung C], Oxide bypass power MOSFETs, 
M.Eng.	2004

Moitreyee Roy-Mukherjee (S) Lithography resolution enhancement for 
Cu metallization. Ph. D.	2004

Andrew Khoh (C) [M: Wu Yihong]	Optical proximity correction using 
GTD (Geometrical Theory of Diffraction) for lithography. Ph. D.	2005

Yang Xin (C) [M: Liang Yung C] Tunable VBR power MOSFETs. Tunable 
oxide bypass power devices.	M.Eng. 2004

Lim Chow Yee (C) [M: Liang Yung C] Low forward drop synchronous 
diode (<< 0.7V). M.Eng. 2004

Naveen Agrawal (S)	Simulation and fabrication of Novel MOS. 
Worked on defining small fins in silicon. M.Eng. 2005

Tee Kian Meng (S) Gate all around MOSFET- simulation and fabrication.
	M.Eng. 2005

Zhou Kaihong (M) [C: Baiping in IHPC], Simulation of quantum dot 
memory device mainly for FLASH. M.Eng. 2005

M Umashankar (M) [C: Subhash Rustagi in IME], Characterization and 
modeling of MOSFETs in RF frequency regime.	M.Eng. 2006

Patrick Chan (C) [M: Chor Eng Fong] Inverse modeling for doping 
profile extraction. M.Eng. 2006

Francis Poh (S) Simulation of 100nm device for logic and memory 
application. M.Eng. 2002

Tay Chuan Beng (C) [M: Chua Soo Jin] Circuit modeling for SI PIN 
photodiode.	M.Eng. 2002

Lee Siew Weng (S) Predictive process and device simulation of 
MOSFETs. M.Eng. 2002

Anselm Yip Tze Yieng (S) Simulation of hot carrier effect in 
MOSFETs. M.Eng. 1999

Zhao Bin (S)	An accurate model for BiCMOS/CMOS logic gates. 
M.Eng. 2000

Wang Yu (M) [C: Ling Chung Ho]	Quarter micron process simulation 
and LDD structure optimization. M.Eng. 1998

Alan Yong Kuen Fatt (S) Analytic methods for timing simulation of 
interconnects in VLSI integrated circuits. M.Eng. 1997

Lee Teng Kiat (S) Techniques for efficient and accurate simulation 
of mixed analog and digital circuits.	 M.Eng. 1995

Seah Boon Pian (C) [M: Ling Chung Ho] Modeling and simulation of hot 
carrier effects in submicron MOSFETs. 	M.Eng.	1995

Ali Najafi (C) [M: Farhang]	Design of transform domain adaptive 
filters	M.Eng. 1994

Teaching Courses

EE4415	Integrated Digital Design 
EE5515 	CMOS Front end Processes and Integration