Mehul Motani

Associate Professor

PhD Cornell; 2000
MSEE Syracuse; 1995
BSEE Cooper Union; 1992

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Professional Working Experience

2010-Present Associate Professor National University of Singapore, Singapore
2003-2009 Assistant Professor National University of Singapore, Singapore
2000-2003 Research Scientist Institute for Infocom Research, Singapore
1996-2000 Research Assistant Cornell University, Ithaca, NY USA
1994-1996 Hardware Design Engineer Lockheed Martin, Syracuse, NY USA
1992-1994 Systems Engineer Lockheed Martin, Syracuse, NY USA

Professional Activities

Member, IEEE, IEEE Information Theory Society
Editor, IEEE Transactions on Communications
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory


Research Interest

I am interested in research problems which sit at the boundary of Information Theory, Communications, and 

In the past fifty years, information theory has been critical in characterizing the fundamental limits of communications and driving innovations in physical layer processing. Moving up the protocol stack, networking research for wireline networks is fairly mature but wireless network research has advanced in a somewhat ad-hoc manner. Just as it did for point-to-point communications, information theory in a network setting would likely reveal the true capability of wireless networks and suggest mechanisms for efficient operation.

My current research interests are (i) Network Information Theory and (ii) Algorithms and Protocols for Wireless Ad- hoc \& Sensor Networks. I have also been very active in experimental networking and communications, translating theory into practice by implementing wireless systems.

To Prospective Students

Thanks for your interest in NUS. All prospective graduate students apply for admission through the proper channels, by the deadlines set by the Graduate Studies Office. I do not make admission decisions. You can find information at:

Teaching Courses

EE1001 Emerging Topics in EE (1st year Undergraduate) 
EE3204 Computer Communciation Networks I (3rd year Undergraduate)
EE2001 Embedded System Design Project (3rd year Undergraduate)
EE4109 Spread Spectrum Communications (4th year Undergraduate)
EE3103 Communications Principles (3rd year Undergraduate)
EE6402 Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications (Graduate)
EE6902 Graduate Communication Networks (Graduate)