Hong Minghui


PhD NUS; 2000
M.Sc. Xiamen Univ.; 1988; M.Eng. NUS; 1996
B.Sc. Xiamen Univ.; 1985

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Professional Working Experience

2014 - Now    Professor                   ECE Department, NUS

2007 - 2014   Associate Professor        ECE Department, NUS

2003 - 2007   Assistant Professor        ECE Department, NUS

1995 - 2010   Senior Scientist,          Data Storage Institute, ASTAR
              Principal Engineer, 
              Senior Engineer, 
              Research Engineer. 
              Deputy Manager,
              Assistant Manager 

1990 - 1994   Assistant Professor        Xiamen University, China

1988 - 1990   Teaching Assistant	 Xiamen University, China

Professional Activities

1. Academic Society Memberships:

(1). Fellow of Optical Society of America (OSA), 2012~Now;

(2). Fellow of The International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE), 2012~Now;

(3). Fellow of International Academy of Photonics and Laser Engineering (IAPLE), 2013-   

(4). Senior Member of Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES), 2004~Now.

2. Editorships:
(1). Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports, 2014-Now;

(2). Associate Editor of Science China, 2013~2015;

(3). Associated Editor of International Journal of Optomechatronics, 2006~2013;

(4). Editor of Laser Micro/nanoengineering, 2009~2011;

(5). Editorial Board of The Laser User (Association of Industrial Laser Users, UK),  

(6). Guest Editor of Applied Physics A, 2007 & 2010.

3. Guest Professors:

(1). Guest Professor, University of Science & Technology of China (USTC), 2010~2013;

(2). Guest Professor, Institute of Optoelectronics (IOE), Chinese Academy of Sciences 
     (CAS) 2010~2014;

(3). Guest Professor, Xiamen University, China, 2011~2014.

(4). Guest Professor, Zhejiang University, China, 2013~2016.

(5). Guest Professor, Nanjing University of Technology, China, 2013~2016.

4. Advisory Committee and International Conference Chairmanships:

(1). Advisory Panel Committee, Photonics Research Centre, University of Malaya,    

(2). Chair, Asia Pacific Near-Field Optics Conference, Singapore, 2013;

(3). Chair, Conference on Laser Ablation, Singapore, 2009;

(4). Co-chair, Symposium on High Power Lasers & Applications, Photonics Global, 
     Singapore, 2008 & 2010;

(5). Chair, International Workshop on Plasmonics and Its Applications on
     Nanotechnologies, Singapore, 2006; 

(6). International Scientific Advisory Committee of 6th International Conference on 
     Photo-Excited Processes and Applications, Japan 2008;

(7). International Advisory Committee of WALMI, School of laser Science & engineering, 
     Jadavpur University, India, 2006, 2008 & 2010; 

(8). Advisory Committee, Malaysia National Physics Conference, 2010;

(9). Organizing Committee of International Laser Precision Machining Conference, 

(10).Organizing Committee of 5th Asian Conference on Ultrafast Phenomena, 2008;

(11).Organizing Committee of International Symposium on Functional Materials, 2005,  
     2007 & 2014;

(12).Technical Program Committee, Pacific Rim CLEO, 2011;

(13).International Program Committee, Nanophotonics, 2009~2013;

(14).International Program Committee, The 11th International Conference on Near-field 
     Optics and Related Techniques (NFO 11), 2010;

(15).Program Committee, Laser-based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly IV (LASE, 
     Photonics West), USA, 2010~2014;

(16).Technical Program Committee, Asia-Pacific Conference on Near-Field Optics, 2009;

(17).Program Committee,  The 1st Forum on Trends in Nano-Manufacturing, China, 2011.

5. Reviewers:

(1). European Science Foundation project reviewer, 2003~2014;

(2). Review Panel of ASTAR SERC Public Sector Funding Projects, 2009~2011;

(3). Expert Panel, Fund for Scientific Research–FNRS, 2012~Now;

(4). Oversea reviewer, State Natural Science Award of the People's Republic of China, 

(5). Reviewer, State Excellent Oversea Students Award, China, 2011 & 2012;

(6). Oversea reviewer, NSFC, China, 2011;

(7). Oversea reviewer, National 973 and key program proposals, 2013;  

(8). Reviewer, Thematic Research Program, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, ROC, 2013;

(9). Reviewers of project proposals for MOE, SERC, BMRC, FOE/NUS, EDB and SPRING etc.;

(10).Reviewer of impact journals (reviewing 50~100 manuscripts yearly).

6. Services:

(1). Assistant Dean (Graduate Studies), Faculty of Engineering, NUS, 2010~2014;

(2). Secretary, The 9th Executive Committee, Singapore Chapter of SPIE, 2003~2004;

(3). Organizing Committee of Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist 
     Award, 2008 & 2009;     

(4). Editorial board of Engineering Research News, FOE, NUS, 2009~Now;

(5). Supervisor of ECE/DSI Laser Micro-processing Laboratory, 2001~Now;

(6). Academic Lead, Imperial-NUS Symposium on Tools and Technology Development, 2012;

(7). Member, NUS GAdSys Taskforce Committee, 2012~2014;

(8). FYP coordinator, ECE Department, 2009~2010; 

(9). Vice Chairman, Safety Committee, ECE Department, 2012~2015;

(10).Dept. Management Committee, ECE Department, 2013~2014;

(11).Teaching Evaluation Committee, ECE Department, 2013~2015.

Research Interest

(a)Research areas/interests: 

My primary research interest is focused on the laser interactions with materials. 
Comprehensive theoretical simulations, novel experimental processes and implementation 
of ultrafast & high sensitivity optical diagnostics are being carried out to investigate 
in detail how light interacts with materials. My desire to uncover the physics behind 
the laser interactions with materials has led me to conduct research activities that 
include dynamic laser ablation to remove substrate materials for surface nano-patterning 
and nano-materials’ synthesis as well as super-resolution nano-imaging and nano-
lithography down to 20 nm via the combination of laser means with other advanced tools 
(AFM, NSOM and transparent particles). 

My secondary research interest is on applying my 
research outcomes to develop new techniques to solve the "Mission Impossible" issues in 
the field of: 
 Microprocessing and Nanofabrication; 
 Nanophotonics: Plasmonics, THz technology and Meta-materials;
 Optical diagnostics for process real-time monitoring.

Such engineering challenges include the removal of nano-particles as small as 50nm for 
surface cleaning, hybrid wafer singulation and thinning in liquid to greatly enhance the 
precision engineering speed and quality in green precision manufacturing approaches, as 
well as laser processing of thin and transparent substrates, which are the trends of 
current industrial development while conventional processing techniques are facing 
critical limitations. 

I strongly believe that laser precision engineering will become 
one of the key industrial pillars in the near future. My fundamental research on the 
laser interactions with materials and technical development on its industrial 
applications will generate great academic and economic impact.       

(b) Summary of Significant Contributions: 

I have been working in the laser interactions with materials and its applications since 
1994 when I was offered a research scholarship in National University of Singapore 
(NUS). To this date (25 May 2013), I have co-authored 10 book chapters, 24 patents 
granted (1 commercialized), 300+ scientific papers in Nature, Chemical Reviews, Advanced 
Materials, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, Laser & Photonics Reviews, Biomaterials, 
SMALL, Biomacromolecules, PRB, APL, JAP and APA etc., and 40+ plenary/keynote/invited 
talks in international conferences. 

I am actively contributing in the international academic societies as the member of 
organizing committees for Laser Precision Micromachining International Conference 
(2001~2013), International Symposium of Functional Materials (2005, 2007 and 2014), 
Chair of International Workshop of Plasmonics and Applications in Nanotechnologies 
(2006), Chair of Conference on Laser Ablation (2009) and Chair of Asia-Pacific Near-
field Optics Conference (2013). I am also serving as the Associate Editor of Science 
China, International Journal of Optomechatronics, Editor of Laser Micro/nanoengineering, 
Guest Editor of Applied Physics A and Industrial Laser Users. 

I am the Simon Industrial and Professional Fellow of the University of Manchester, UK; 
Guest Professor of University of Science & Technology of China (USTC); Guest Professor 
of Xiamen University and Visiting Professor of Institute of Optoelectronics (IOE), 
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). In 2012, I was elected as the Fellow of Optical 
Society of America (OSA) and the Fellow of the International Society for Optics and 
Photonics (SPIE) for my achievements and outstanding contributions to Laser Interactions 
with Materials for the Applications in Microprocessing and Nanofabrication. 

My major research contributions can be highlighted as follows:

 Laser interactions with materials: My research team in NUS stands at the forefront of 
academic research in the world on ultrafast laser irradiation, super-resolution & high 
sensitivity optical diagnostics and hybrid laser processing. As an example, we studied 
in detail how light behaves as it passes through a transparent particle using Mie 
theory. We analyzed comprehensively how light energy is localized through this 
dielectric particle to achieve super-resolution focusing at 1/10~1/20 of incident light 
wavelength, far below the optical diffraction limit of 1/2 of the light wavelength in 
far field.  My team is also pioneering in its work to achieve 20 nm resolution surface 
patterning and 50 nm resolution imaging. Recently, attributed to our strong research 
expertise and novel proposed approaches, my team was successful in applying National 
Research Foundation (NRF) Competitive Research Program (CRP) funding (CRP is one of the 
top national research funding schemes with total research grant up to S$10M) to develop 
super-resolution and high-sensitivity optical nanoscopes. 

 Laser Microprocessing and Nanofabrication: Laser is a non-contact, mature, high-speed 
and large-area precision engineering tool. It has been extensively applied in industries 
for marking, micro-drilling, surface modification and thin film deposition. Laser 
precision engineering is built on the foundation of knowledge in the laser interactions 
with materials. With the strong research strength we have built, my team has left an 
indelible mark on the laser microprocessing and nanofabrication. (1) We have 
successfully developed laser cleaning techniques to remove contaminations (metallic 
particles, chemicals and dielectric particles) with different sizes ranging from a few 
um down to 50 nm in the form of particles, plate-like structures and thin films from 
various substrate surfaces (semiconductor, magnetic hard disk and sensors). (2) We have 
successfully developed laser singulation techniques to separate micro-device dies as 
small as 100~200 um at a substrate thickness of 100~200 um for both single-layer and 
multi-layer structures. (3) We have successfully developed wafer thinning techniques 
based on our fundamental research on the laser ablation in liquid. It promises great 
economic impact in wafer reclamation and solar cell recycling as a green manufacturing 
means. Laser ablation of solid materials in liquid is successfully applied to flexibly 
synthesize nano-materials for optical limiting etc. applications. (4)  We are pioneering 
in sub-50 nm laser surface nano-structuring in ambient air. We have successfully 
developed laser/AFM process to achieve 10 nm resolution, fs laser/NSOM and 
laser/transparent particle processing to achieve 20 nm resolution and large-area 
periodic structures fabrication for plasmonic nanostructures and anti-reflection 
surfaces (with the broadband reflectivity down to 0.8%). To address the slow laser 
nanofabrication issue, we successfully developed laser micro-lens array (MLA) 
lithography for parallel laser direct writing. 

 Laser applications in Nanophotonics: Plasmonics, THz technology and Meta-materials: 
Ultrafast laser is a versatile tool to fabricate tiny structures on metallic thin films 
and glass substrate for nano-photonics applications due to the minimal heat affected 
zones and non-linear optical absorption effect. We investigated femtosecond (fs) laser 
interactions with polymers and successfully developed an fs laser MLA lithography 
technique and applied it to make large-area (cm2 scale) periodic structures for nano-
plasmonic and meta-materials research. Various nano-structure sizes (50~500nm), 
geometries (nano-dots, nano-lines and nano-rods) and thin film combination (single 
metallic, bimetallic and metal-insulator-metal) were designed and fabricated to tune the 
surface plasmon resonance properties and nano-photonics structure optical properties. In 
these few years, my team won a generous research grant (S$2.5+M) from ASTAR to carry 
out the THz spectroscopy research. We have successfully applied our advanced laser 
precision engineering techniques to realize a few unique hybrid THz meta-materials from 
single layer, to multi-layer and to 3D meta-materials tube. We are furthering our 
research by applying exotic materials, such as phase change materials, to make active 
tunable meta-materials in order to address the critical issue of high loss in 
conventional meta-materials structures. 

 Optical diagnostics for real-time process monitoring: There are rich signals being 
generated during the laser interactions with materials, including audible acoustic 
waves, plasma, electric and magnetic signals. I conducted a detailed study of the laser 
ablation and its signal generation in my PhD research. Since then, I am applying optical 
signals acquisition and analyses to study the dynamic laser interactions with materials, 
especially at the early stage of laser ablation. Meanwhile, optical signal detection can 
be used as a process monitoring tool to control laser processes in real time. My team 
established the process control algorithms to monitor the laser cleaning and laser 
ablation. It can be coupled into advanced laser processing machines to enhance the 
performance of the laser precision engineering.

Research Projects

(1). Co-PI of Laser nanoimprinting for 45 nm and beyond, ASTAR TSRP, S$983,000 
(2). PI of Plasmon-assisted photonic nanostructures, NUS-MSU Joint Research, $73,000 

(3). Co-PI of Fundamental studies in photovoltaics processing, AcRF, $180,000    
(4). PI of Laser remote detection of hazardous gases for operational safety, Lloyd's 
     Register Professorship projects, S$195,000 (2008~2011);

(5). PI of High figure-of-merit thermoelectric structures based on laser assisted 
     materials engineering and nano-structuring, NUS Start-up fund, $179,840 (2008~2011);

(6). PI of Defence Innovative Research Programme DIRP08 project, $631,200(2009~2012);

(7). Manager of Core R&D program "Laser microprocessing and nanofabrication", Data 
     Storage Institute, ~$3,000,000 (2000~2007); 

(8). PI of Development of multi-beam & maskless laser nanofabrication technologies, Data 
     Storage Institute, S$285,000 (2008~2009); 
(9). Co-PI of Innovative silicon purification process, Clean Energy Research Program, 

(10).PI of Terahertz spectroscopy, SERC Inter-RI grant, $2,585,790 (2008~2010); 

(11).PI of Laser microfabrication of chips for imaging-based molecular and cellular 
     diagnostics and analysis, ASTAR-CCO grant, S$742,000 (2008~2011);
(12).Co-PI of "Meta-Antenna", SERC Grant, $2,315,479 (2010~2012);

(13).Co-PI of "Superlens", SERC Grant, $4,378,130 (2010~2012).

(14).Co-PI of Laser Cleaning and Surface Texturing for Salvaging of High Value 
     Components, ASTAR Innovations in Remanufacturing Programme, $553,660 (2011~2014);

(15).PI of Design and Fabrication of Broadband Nano-composites-based Optical Limiters 
     for Strong Light Protection, Temasek Defence Systems Institute research grants, 

(16).PI of Characterization of plasma microparticles using ultraviolet laser microscopy 
     and correlation with flow cytometry analysis, Engineering- Medicine Seed 
     Grant, S$50,000(2013~2015);

(17).PI of Development of Super-resolution and High-Sensitivity Optical Nanoscopes, NRF 
     Competitive Research Programme (CRP), S$4,796,428.

(18).Co-PI of Hybrid aerogel for multifunctional photocatalytic degradation-H2
     production; cogeneration of clean water and energy", *STAR, SERC 2013 Public  
     Sector Research Funding (PSF), S$427,200.

Spin-off Companies

NA (In the progress)

Patents Granted

(1). A Method and Apparatus for Cleaning Surfaces, Singapore 114560;

(2). A Method and Apparatus for Cleaning Surfaces, US 6,777,642 B2;

(3). A Method and Apparatus for Patterning a Substrate Taiwan, I245812;

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(24).Method of Patterning a Substrate, US 6,835,319 B2.


Selected Publications

A. Publications (updated 10 January 2014):

   Book chapters:		      10 

   Journal papers:	           195 + 3 (in press)   

   Proceeding papers:	     114
   Feature articles:              6

B. Citations of published 195 journal papers on 10 January 2014):  		
   H-index:                      29

   Total citation:             3250

   Cross citation:             2638   

C.  Impact factor analysis of the 195 journal papers on 10 January 2014. Source: ISI Web 
of KnowledgeSM (impact index 2013) for impact factor >6.0

Name of Journal	                       Impact Factor	   No. of Publications
CHEMICAL REVIEWS    	                   41.298	            1
NATURE	                                     38.597	            1
ADVANCED MATERIALS	                            14.829	            1
NANO LETTERS	                            13.025	            3
ACS NANO	                                     12.062	            1
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS	                   10.015	            1
LASER & PHOTONICS REVIEWS		           7.976	            2
SMALL	                                      7.823	            2
BIOMATERIALS	                             7.604	            1
NANOSCALE	                                      6.233	            2

D. Plenary Presentation:

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G. Highest Impact Index Paper: 

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H. Book Chapters (10):

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I. 5 Key Publication: 
(pls. send a line to elehmh@nus.edu.sg, I will send you a full list of my publication)

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(5). Chen Zaichun; Rahmani Mohsen; Gong Yandong; Chong Tow Chong; Hong 
     Minghui*, "Realization of Variable Three-Dimensional Terahertz Metamaterial Tubes 
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Research Students Supervised

(1). Mr. Lan Bin, Laser assisted fabrication of MEM structures,(2000~2003, M.Eng);

(2). Mr. He Qiang, Laser processing of shape memory devices, (2002~2004, M.Eng);

(3). Mr. Su Jung Feng, Nanoscale characterization of laser annealed TiNi shape memory    
     devices, (2002~2004, M.Eng);

(4). Dr. Chen Guoxin, Nanoparticle generation with laser means, (2001~2005, PhD);

(5). Dr. Lam Hwe Min, Laser processing of wide bandgap semiconductor materials, 
     (2001~2005, PhD);

(6). Dr. Wang Zengbo, Ultrafast laser microprocessing, (2001~2005, PhD);

(7). Dr. Lin Ying, Laser/SNOM processing for surface nanostructuring, (2002~2006, PhD); 

(8). Dr. Lim Chin Seong, Laser fabrication of micro/nano-lens array, (2003~2008, PhD);

(9). Dr. Doris Ng, Laser synthesis of GaN nanowires, (2002~2008, PhD);

(10).Ms. Van Li Hui, Laser synthesis of magnetic semiconductor materials, (2004~2007, 

(11).Dr. Zhou Yi, Laser plasmonics for surface nano-structuring, (2003~2008, PhD);

(12).Ms. Ma Fang, Laser nanopatterning with plasmonic effect, (2006~2008, M.Eng);

(13).Dr. Tiaw Kay Siang, Laser microprocessing of bio-PLC thin film, (2003~2009, PhD);

(14).Dr. Liew Tze Haw, Quantum electronics structures fabricated by laser nano-
     patterning, (2005~2009, PhD);

(15).Mr. Lim Boon Chong, Laser precision fabrication of spiral light optics, (2006~2008, 

(16).Mr. Teo Hong Hai, Laser microfabrication of hole arrays, (2007~2009, M.Eng);

(17).Ms. Tan Li Sirh, Nanosecond/Femtosecond laser processing of nano-structured 
     functional materials, (2007~2009, M.Eng);

(18).Dr. Yun Jia, Laser fabrication of nanotemplate for nanoelectronics, (2006~2010, 

(19).Ms. Liu CaiHong, Laser nanofabrication of functional nanostructures, (2006~2010, 

(20).Dr. Huang ZhiQiang, Laser precise fabrication of Chromeless Phase Shift Mask, 
      (2006~2010, PhD).

(21).Dr. Tang Min, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic structures, (2007~2011, PhD);

(22).Dr. Chen ZaiChun, Plasmonic and THz structures fabrication by laser irradiation, 
     (2008~2012, PhD);

(23).Dr. Xu Le, Plasmonic nanostructure fabrication and Simulation, (2010~2015, PhD); 

(24).Dr. Mohsen Rahmani, Laser Materials Micro/Nanoprocessing, (2009~2013, PhD);

(25).Mr. Ng Aik Thong, High Power Motor Driver Using Green Energy Advanced Control of 
      Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), (2009~2011, M.Eng.);

(26).Dr. Hsieh Tseng Ming, Applications of tissue engineering in 3D polymeric scaffolds 
     by stereolithography, (2006~2010, PhD);

(27).Mr. Ng Binghao, Plasmonic and THz structures fabrication by laser means, 
     (2010~2014, PhD);  

(28).Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Thanh, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic sensors for bio-
      detection, (2009~2013, PhD);

(29).Dr. Wang Zuyong, Laser fabrication of microstructures for tissue engineering, 
      (2009~2013, PhD);

(30).Dr. Yu Kuai, Nonlinear dynamics of noble  metallic nano-particles (2009~2013, PhD); 

(31).Dr. Du Zheren, Laser micro-processing and nano-engineering for solar cells 
      (2010~2014, PhD); 

(32).Mr. Yang Jing, Fano resonance nanostructures for environmental applications 
     (2011~2015, PhD);

(33).Mr. Chen Yiguo, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic structures and metamaterials for 
     advanced sensing (2012~2016, PhD);

(34).Mr. Wang Dacheng, Active THz metamaterials(2012~2016, PhD);

(35).Ms. Fu Xiaotian, 3D solar cells (2012~2014, M.Eng);

(36).Mr. Ma Yinzhe, Laser applications in IC failure analyses (2010~2012, M.Eng);

(37).Ms. Wu Meng Xue, Optical nanoscope (2013~2017, PhD);

(38).Mr. Ma ZhiJie, THz Technology (2014~2018, PhD);

(39).Mr. Xu KaiChen, Functional micro/nanostructures (2014~2018, PhD).

B. Awards won by my students:

(1).Dr. Law Yaozhang, Dean Randall, Laser Nano-patterning in the Optical Near-Field for 
    High Density Data Storage, Asian Young Inventors Silver Awards 2004;

(2).Dr. Yeo Eng Guan, Investigation on Ultra-high Density Non-volatile Phase Change 
    Random Access Memory (PCRAM) by Material Engineering, IEEE Region 10 
    Undergraduate Student Paper Contest 2005 (the third place);

(3).Mr. Lim Ler Ming, Thermal Analysis and Structural Design and Phase Change Random 
    Access Memory (PCRAM), 19th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2005;

(4).Mr. Ong Chin Leng, Electrophoresis Devices: Lens, 19th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 

(5).Ms. Yeo Jian Bi Jackling, Development of Versatile High Resolution 3-D Imaging 
    Systems, 20th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2006;

(6).Dr. Tan Chun Chia, Investigation of Super lattice-like Structure for Phase Change 
    Random Access Memory (PCRAM), Micron Asia Innovation Challenge 2007 Award;

(7).Ms. Li Yang, Laser Fabrication of Metallic Nanostructures and its Plasmonics Effect, 
    22nd FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2008;

(8).Mr. Woo Bo Sheng, Fabrication of lens sheet for 3D display, 22nd FOE Innovation 
    Award (Merits) 2008; 

(9).Ms. Lam Wei Yen, Investigation on effect of structural design and material 
    properties on thermal confinement in PCRAM, Micron Asia Innovation Challenge 2008 

(10).Mr. Koh Weng Cheon, Multi-level Recording for Higher Density PCRAM, 23rd FOE 
     Innovation Award (High Achievement) 2009; 

(11).Mr Tan Theng Kiat, Resistance Drift Study for High Density PCRAM, 24nd FOE 
     Innovation Award (Merits) 2010; 

(12).Mr. Han Ningren, Broadband multi-layer terahertz metamaterials fabrication and 
     characterization on flexible substrates, 25th FOE Innovation Award (High 
     Achievement) 2011;

(13).Mr. Kong Lingyu, Investigate and Reduce Resistance Drift for High Density Phase 
     Change Random Access Memory, 25th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2011.

(14).Dr. Chen Zaichun, THz Meta-materials, State Excellent Oversea Students Award China, 

(15).Mr. Wang Zuyong, Highly orientated 3D micro-topography for bone tissue  
     engineering, Poster Award, 9th World Biomaterials Congress applications: A 
     degradation study,2012;

(16).Dr. Mohsen Rahmani, Fano Resonance, CLEO Incubic/Milton Chang Student Travel Grant, 

C.PDF supervised:

(1).Dr. Liu Xiaohua: Pulse laser deposition of functional thin film (2000~2003);

(2).Dr. Wu Dongjiang: Laser microprocessing (2000~2003);

(3).Dr. Xie Qiong: Laser interference lithography (2001~2004);

(4).Dr. Wang Lin: Laser microprocessing for high efficiency Si solar cell (2009~2010);

(5).Dr. Ji Lina: Laser micro/nanofabrication of thermoelectrical devices (2009~2011);

(6).Dr. Lim Chin Seong: Laser precision engineering of THz meta-materials (2009~2012);  

(7).Dr. Zhou Yi: Superlens (2010~2013);

(8).Dr. Lin Ying: Superlens (2010~2013);

(9).Dr. Yan Lanying: Anti-reflection (2009~2010);

(10).Dr. Liu Yan: Anti-reflection (2010~2012);

(11).Dr. Pan ZhenYing: Meta-antenna (2010~2013);

(12).Dr. Luo FangaFang: Anti-reflection and laser cleaning/texturing (2012~2014);

(13).Dr. Kao Tsung Sheng: Optical limiting system by laser means (2012~2014); 

(14).Dr. Qin Fei: Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(15).Dr. Zhou Rui: Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(16).Dr. Wu Jianfeng Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(17). Dr. Du Zheren: Optical limiting system by laser means (2014).

D. Visiting staff

(1). Associate Professor Xie XiaoZhu: Laser Microfabrication (2010~2011);

(2). Senior Lecturer Rozalina Zakaria, Nanoplasmonics (2011~2012);

(3). Prof. HARITH BIN AHMAD, THz Meta-materials (2011~2012);

(4). Visiting Scholar: Ms. Zhong Xiaolan: Advanced Optics (2013~2014). 


(1). IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award, Laser micro-processing and 
     nanofabrication, 2004;

(2). DSI Outstanding R&D Staff Award (Merit), Laser cleaning of nanoparticles, 2005;

(3). DSI FY2005 Best Paper of The Year, Nonvolatile phase change memory nanocell 
     fabrication by femtosecond laser writing assisted with near-field optical  

(4). Teaching Award: FOE Commendation List, 2008/2009;

(5). Teaching Award: FOE Commendation List, 2009/2010;

(6). Teaching Award: FOE Commendation List, 2010/2011;

(7). Teaching Award: FOE Honours List, 2011/2012;

(8). Best Teacher Award: Temasek Defense Systems Institute, MDTS 2010;

(9). Commendation Certificate: Temasek Defense Systems Institute, MDTS 2011;

(10).Ministry of Education (MOE) Services to Education Award, 2010.

Teaching Courses

EE5517	Optical Engineering (Lecture)

TDS5709 Sensor Technology (EO part, Lecture)

EE2004	Electronics Devices (Tutorial)	

TG1401 	Engineering Mathematics (Tutorial)	

EE5433R	Functional Devices (Lecture)

EE4431	Nano-device Engineering (Lecture)

EE2021	Devices and Circuits (Lecture and Tutorial)