Hang Chang Chieh


Ph.D, University of Warwick; 1973
B.Eng, University of Singapore; 1970
D.Sc,University of Warwick; 2001

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Professional Working Experience

Computer and Systems Technologist, Shell Eastern Petroleum 
Company (Singapore and Holland), 1973-77.
Professor and Head, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, National 
University of Singapore (up to 1994).
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Business Ventures), NUS, 1994-
Co-Director, Singapore-MIT Alliance, 1998-2002.
Deputy Chairman, Agency for Science,Technology and Research, 2001-03
Director, Centre for Management of Science & Technology, since 2004
Director, Engineering Systems Initiative, Feb 2005

Professional Activities

Visiting Scientists in Yale University (1983) and Lund 
Institute of Technology (1987 and 1992).
Principal Editor (Adaptive Control), Automatica Journal, 1992 to 
Member, Council of IFAC, 1993 to 1999.
Member, Editorial Board, Int'l Journal of Adaptive Control and 
Signal Processing since 1999.

Research Interest

Intelligent Automatic Tuning and Adaptive Control Systems
Control of Processes with Long Dead Time Multivariable Control 
Innovation Strategy and Management.

Research Projects

Relay-FFT Technique for Intelligent Auto-tuning.
Intellectual Properties and Innovation.

Spin-off Companies

KentRidge Instruments, 1992.

Patents Granted

1.  A method and apparatus for determining the ultimate gain 
and ultimate period of a controlled process, US Patent, 1994.
2.  Controller apparatus having improved transient response speed by 
means of self-tuning variable setpoint weighting, US Patent, 1995.
3.  A modified relay feedback apparatus for frequency response 
estimation, Singapore patent, 1998.
4.  Apparatus for relay multiple-point process frequency response 
estimation and controller tuning, Singapore patent, 1997.
5.  Structural network modelling and adaptive control of mechanical 
systems, Singapore patent, 1998.
6.  A frequency-domain adaptive controller, US Patent, 2000.	

Selected Publications

1.  CC Hang, KJ Astrom and WK Ho, "Refinements of the Ziegler-
Nichols Tuning, Formula", IEE Proc. D : Control Theory & Appln, 
138,2, 1991, pp. 111-118.
2.  KJ Astrom, CC Hang,P Persson and WK Ho, "Towards Intelligent PID 
Control", Automatica, 28, no. 1, 1992, pp. 1-9.
3.  KJ Astrom, CC Hang and BC Lim, "A New Smith Predictor for 
Controlling a Process with an Integrator and Long Dead Time", IEE 
Trans. on Automatic Control, 39, no.2, 1994, pp. 343-344.
4.  S Tan, CC Hang and JS Chai, "Gain Scheduling: From Conventional 
to Neuro-Fuzzy", Automatica, 33,3, 1997, pp. 411-419. 
5.  QG Wang, CC Hang and Q Bi, "A Technique for Frequency Response 
Identification from Relay Feedback", IEEE Trans. Control Systems 
Technology, 7, 1999, pp. 122-128.
6. CC Hang, KJ Astrom and QG Wang, "Relay Auto-tuning of Process 
Controllers - A Tutorial Review, Journal of Process Control, 12, 
2002, pp. 143-162.
7. CC Hang, QG Wang and XP Yang, "A Modified Smith Predictor for 
Process with an Integrator and Long Deadtime", Industrial & Engg 
Chemistry Research, 42, 3, 2003, pp. 484-489.
8. CC Hang and M Ng, "IP and Innovation:Singapore's Experience", 
Proc. 4th Int. Symp. on Management of Technology and Innovation, 
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Univ,. Press, Oct 2004, pp.13-17.
9. QG Wang, Ye Zhen and CC Hang, "Tuning of lead/lag compensators 
for exact gain and phase margins", Automatica, 42, no.2(2006), pp. 
10. CC Hang, KB Neo and KH Chai, "Discontinuous Technological 
Innovations: A Review of its Categorization", Proc. of IEEE Int. 
Conf. on Management of Innovation and Tech., June 2006, pp.253-257.

Research Students Supervised

Ph.D (completed)

1.  Cai Yun Sheng - Design of a dual-rate adaptive pole-
placement controller (Aug 92).
2.  Ho Weng Khuen - Towards Intelligent PID Control (May 92).
3.  Suksun Nungam - Development of a knowledge-based approach for 
real-time predictive process control (Dec 93).
4.  Cao Lisheng - Automatic tuning of process controllers: Practical 
approaches (Dec 95).
5.  Vinod U Vasnani - Towards relay feedback auto-tuning of multi-
loop systems (Jan 95).
6.  Zhang Xinghu - Identification and control by fuzzy neural models 
(April 96).
7.  Teo Yew Thong - Studies of systems subjected by bounded 
disturbance (June 97).
8.  Koh Eng Kiat - Developments in the control of multivariable 
servomechanisms (May 97).
9.  Liu Chen - Synthesis, tuning and stability of fuzzy PID control 
systems (Feb 97).
10. Bi Qiang - Frequency domain adaptive control with relay feedback 
(May 98).
11. Pok Yang Ming -  Analysis, Tuning and Development of Fuzzy PID 
Control Systems (1999).
12. Zou Biao - Autotuning of multivariable controller from relay 
feedback (Mar 2000).
13. Zhang Tao - Adaptive neural network control - Design, stability 
and performance analysis (June 2000).
14. Yang Xueping - Advanced controller tuning for time delay systems 
Ph.D (currently supervising)
1.  Liu Min (2003-present)
2.  Ye Zhen (2003-present)


Fellow, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA 
Public Administration Medal (Gold), 1998.
Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences (1999).
Foreign Member, Royal Academy of Engineering, UK (2000).
National Science & Technology Medal, Singapore (2000).
Distinguished Fellow, Singapore-MIT Alliance (2004).
IES/IEEE Medal of Excellence (2004).

Teaching Courses

MT5002  Management of Industrial R&D.		

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